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06 October 2014 @ 05:35 pm
Challenge 407 - McShep: The Travel Blog Chronicles  
Here you go everyone...

R U L E S   T O   R E M E M B E R ;
# Use the pictures provided (you can use the same picture more than once, if desired)
# Submit up to 9 icons
# Post icons as a comment to this journal entry - both the image and URL link to the image (see example below)
# Animation is not allowed
# Do not use previously made icons
# Follow basic LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and under 40kb
# Please do not post your icons anywhere until after results have been posted, and do not tell anyone which icon is yours
# Entries close Monday, October 13th at 5pm (NZ time - GMT 12).

Submit in this format:


The Travel Blog Chronicles
Click on the image you want to view a larger version of...
*images are from andreas_ri, http://thescifiworld.net, http://syfy.com, and http://www.stargatemgm.com

Icons so far: 14

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